How to Tell If a Guy Likes You at Work: 10 Undeniable Signs

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You at Work: 10 Undeniable Signs

Are you interested in that cute guy from work? You must first confirm if the guy likes you back before you make a move. In this article, you’ll learn how to tell if a guy likes you at work.

Let’s face it; guys aren’t as expressive about feelings, whether it is at work or elsewhere. After all, they don’t want to risk their workplace reputation and all. That doesn’t mean that it’s uncommon for them to fall for a colleague that they find attractive.

Yes, romantic relationships may start in different ways. Gone are those days when you needed to sit cutely and wait for the right guy to ask you out. If you are interested in someone, just go for it. Before you make a move, find out whether your dream guy from work is interested in you.

We know that not everyone can cope up with rejection well. To save all of you beautiful ladies from those embarrassing experiences, we will tell you how to tell if a guy likes you at work.

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You at Work

Let’s dig right in.

1. He makes a lot of eye contact

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You at Work

Well, you may think it’s just a stereotype, but trust us; it’s basic science! It’s pretty obvious that when a guy likes you, he is going to find ways to enjoy your beautiful sight whenever he can. So, notice carefully! Did you ever catch him staring at you from time to time? Chances are, he is very attracted to you.

2. He smiles at you

We know a guy may smile at you just to seem nice, but there can be more meaning to it. Yes, that smile. That damned smile will tell you if he likes you or not. Notice if he smiles at you a lot, a lot more than he smiles at others.

3. He tries to find different ways of talking to you

He tries to find different ways of talking to you

Remember how Jim from the show The Office used to find ways to speak to Pam? We all know how their story ended. If you want to end up with the guy you like just like them, notice if he does something similar to Jim.

If he likes you, he will definitely find ways to talk to you, because having a conversation with you for even just a couple of minutes will lighten up his day. So, be it about a silly thing or about serious office work, he will always find his way to you. 

4. He wants to know you if you are single

Of course, if he is interested in you, he will want to be the only guy in your potential partner list. He won’t be making any mistakes of asking you out without knowing if you are single or not. He may even ask you directly if you are seeing someone at the moment or not. This will help him to take the next step ahead.

5. He tries to help you even when busy

He tries to help you even when busy

Ever got into any situation where it is a hectic day for all your office mates, and you are stuck with a problem that you can’t solve by yourself? If he’s interested enough, he will try to find time to help you.

It doesn’t even have to be something huge and complex. He may even help you out with little things that you can do by yourself. It’s just another way of showing you that he will always be there whenever you need him.

6. He asks you out for an after-work meet 

If he is shy, he won’t be asking you out on a date at first; he may invite you over for an after-work gathering with colleagues and friends instead. If he does so, that means that he thinks of you as a close one. If he is confident enough, he may even ask you out on a date too.

7. He tries to make you laugh

He tries to make you laugh

Whether it is by using terrible pick-up lines or making silly jokes, a guy interested in you will always try to his best to make you laugh. He may even tease you a lot just to catch your attention.

If you think he is quite funny, it may be because he wants you to know that he has a good sense of humor. In hopes of creating a flirty vibe, he will do his best to make you laugh and feel comfortable around him.

8. He remembers little details about you

You may have even forgotten about a thing that you told him about, but the guy who likes you will always remember little details about you. We agree, having someone who remembers every little detail about you feels really sweet.

So, be it about what you use as a hair product or your favorite color, he may not have to forget any of that information.

9. He seems jealous of your guy friends

When you are not yet in a relationship with the person you like, you will always feel insecure of the other girls he is close with. It’s because there is no guarantee that you will end up with the guy, and that another girl will not steal him away. This goes for the guys too. 

If he thinks that you are close to a guy more than to him, he will immediately feel jealous. So, a good way to know if he likes you is to talk about other guys in front of him and to observe his reaction.

10. You will just get the vibe

You will just get the vibe

Sometimes, there need not be any visible signs of him liking you; you will somehow get the vibe. Don’t ignore what your instinct says, because they often tell you the exact truth. If you just know that he likes you, we suggest you to take the first step!


Wrapping up, just because you think a guy likes you, that does not necessarily mean you should start planning your destination wedding! But don’t worry about it; after reading this article, if you feel that the guy you like likes you back, you can politely ask him out or show signs that you are interested as well.

We hope this article will help you find the right guy at work. Best of luck!


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