10 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You But Is Hiding It

10 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You But Is Hiding It

Figuring out if someone likes you can be a complicated thing, especially in this generation, where everyone’s playing hard to get or trying to seem cool by not being the first one to approach.

However, ladies, you would be shocked at how easy it is to confirm your doubts because we have come up with 10 undeniable signs that he likes you that will give away whether he’s interested or not.

10 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You & You Have A Chance with Him

Most of these undeniable signs that he likes you appear subconsciously, so even if he’s unaware of his feelings, you will be sure of them.

1. He Smiles at You

He Smiles at You

A smile is a really simple and common gesture, but if he has a thing for you, the smile is different, much more expressive.

You’re talking about something or getting food with him when you catch him flashing a bright smile at you – one of the most obvious signs that he likes you. When someone genuinely likes you, it is evident in their smiles. So, look out for suppressed chuckles to big playful grins plastered on his face when you’re together.

2. He Respects You 

If he genuinely likes you, respect will come naturally. If he knows about your interests, your choices, your likings, he will be respectful of them. He will value your opinions, acknowledge your ideas and admire you as a person.

Even if he isn’t interested in similar things as you, he will always be careful not to do or say anything that could disrespect you or hurt your feelings. Look for these small details. Is he canceling plans with you last-minute without regard to your feelings? If yes, you probably don’t want to be with him in the first place.

3. He Compliments You

He Compliments You

If he likes you, he will like a lot of things about you, and he will try to make you realize that by throwing some appreciation your way all the time. Maybe he’ll tell you how nice you look in that dress, or how he really likes the perfume you’re wearing, or that he loves the way you talk when you’re excited about something.

Compliments come easier to some men compared to the rest, but even if he’s on the shyer side, if he finds you attractive, he will try to express it in some way.

4. He Pays Attention to Details

You can’t recall when you shared with him an incident from your childhood, or when you told him some small and unconnected details about your family, but he remembers everything. If he likes you, he will listen to you and try to keep things in memory, because he is truly interested to know about you.

He might even remember your favorite kind of pizza, because he wants to retain every new information about you (and also flaunt it!).

5. He’s Always Around You

He’s Always Around You

Maybe he’s always around because he enjoys talking to you, or just loves your company. When a man does that, it usually means they want to keep you around, and they want to be a part of your life. If you find him investing extra time and effort into keeping himself near you, consider that a sign that he may be doing it intentionally to get himself noticed.

Having said this, he should also be extra careful about your comfort. He will refrain from doing anything that might weird you out and give you the necessary space when it’s needed.

6. He’s Trying to Get Closer to You

A man who has developed feelings for a woman will always try to position himself within her line of sight, as well as sit next to her at any opportunity. 

He will make an effort to be around you most of the time. If you ever need help, he will be there as the first volunteer.

This is a way of establishing that since he likes you, it is more like an instinct for him to stand close to you or just approach you on a regular basis.

7. His Body Language is Different Around You

His Body Language is Different Around You

Compare how he is with a bunch of other people around and when it’s just the two of you. If he likes you, there’s a big chance that he will be nervous, which might make him a little shifty.

He is probably a huge jokester in the friend group but with you around, he’s more proper and mannered. 

Even the most inexpressive of men will have changes in their body language around a woman they like.

8. He Has Your Back

If you ever find yourself struggling, he will be there for you to help you out. He has you covered and will go out of his way to protect you. He supports your dreams and ambitions and gives you the motivation to pursue those. When things get difficult, he is there with a box of candies and his listening ear to make you feel valued. 

This may not seem like that big of an issue in the primary stages, but as days will go by, you will appreciate him for being a constant in your life.

9. He Makes You His Priority

Of course friends and family is important, but even so, you’re at the way top of his priority list. Expecting him to cancel every single function or program to be with you is a stretch, but be sure to see him around when you need him.

Even if you don’t, he will give his all to spend more time with you. 

Planning fun activities, picking out topics to talk about, finding common interests – he will go the distance to keep you in his life.

10. He Might Get a Little Jealous

undeniable signs that he likes you

A little jealousy never hurt anyone. If he is into it, be sure that you will find him frowning if you bring up another man. In fact, showing jealousy is one of the stronger ways to tell that he, for sure, has fallen for you.

Cute little moments when you catch him subtly rolling his eyes when you talk about a guy, or him trying to interrupt your conversation with a guy he might consider competition – you can always find those hints of jealousy.

But be wary and don’t mix up amusing jealousy with undoubtedly controlling behavior!

Final Words

These undeniable signs that he likes you may vary from person to person since not all of us react in the same way, but these are some more or less universal signs which will help you get a hint of whether he fancies you or not.

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