How To Stop Liking Someone, Lose Feelings, and Move On

How To Stop Liking Someone, Lose Feelings, and Move On

One might have a number of reasons for wanting to know how to stop liking someone. Maybe they don’t feel the same way, or maybe it’s so painful holding onto them that you’re starting to consider moving on and starting a new chapter of your life.

Whatever it might be, the process of slowly removing feelings for someone is long, and often extremely painful.

Surrounded by hurtful memories and broken expectations, if you’re looking to control your feelings and cut ties with that one person, these 10 ways will help you out with how to stop liking someone.

How To Stop Liking Someone (10 Effective Ways)

Let’s get started.


1. Acknowledge that it will take time

Acknowledge that it will take time


In most cases, you are probably really attached to that one person we have developed romantic feelings for. This is why, no matter what has happened, it’s never an easy road to letting go. It’s important to realize that you won’t be able to stop what you’re feeling instantly; it will take time and patience to detach yourself slowly.

Don’t feel pathetic if it’s been 2 weeks and you still haven’t been able to move on. Time is the best healer; it’s always better to let it do its magic alongside everything else.


2. Allow yourself to feel


Don’t let everything pile up inside. Some people don’t feel comfortable showing their feelings, but at times, it might overwhelm you and cause emotional trauma. It’s wise to let yourself feel bad. Things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to; it’s only natural that you’ll feel distressed.

Grieving is a step in the process of loss. Deal with your feelings if you want them to stop bothering you.


3. Share your emotions

Share your emotions


The pain does seem to lessen when you talk about it with a dear one, doesn’t it? It’s good to talk about these issues with someone understanding and comforting. Rant about it if it makes you feel better. You’ll understand that once someone else is a part of the story, you won’t feel totally alone or helpless in the situation.

You could try maintaining a diary, as it’s been proven to be an effective method of letting your emotions out healthily and securely. 


4. Remove him from your life


It does sound slightly dramatic when we ask you to remove him from your life instantly. What if you go to the same college, or are colleagues, or neighbors? We would suggest that you limit their presence in your life.

Limit contact with them, get rid of the photos, stop visiting their social media every other hour, and remove anything that might remind you of him.

It’s going to be very hard. “How can I just stop seeing him?” – you might be thinking. But we promise you, it’s for the best. You don’t want your lingering feelings for him to affect you in the new phase of your life.


5. Give yourself more time

Give yourself more time


Use this time to reconnect with yourself. Give yourself the love you’ve been aiming at his direction the whole time and watch how you recover from the pain faster! Practice self-love; it comes in different forms.

Read the books you’ve wanted to for the past months, bake some cake just because you just want to, go get a full body massage and release some tension from your body.

You will find yourself being satisfied with yourself, which will help remove him from your memories easier.


6. Prioritize people who make you happy


Spend more time with your family and friends – all the people who care and have been there for you for a while. Give more love to the people who can make you smile in those sad hours. Go out with your friends, talk about their lives, grab a bite to eat, join your family for a brunch; surround yourself with positive energy.

If you’re feeling vulnerable, trust your friends and family to act as a support system and to help you refocus on the more important things in life.


7. Cross rebound off the list


We know a lot of people swear this works, but trust us; it only leaves you with a hollow and meaningless feeling afterward. It doesn’t help you lessen your feelings but may actually add to the mental burden. 

We aren’t telling you to stop going out and interacting with others, but rebounding is never the best solution. So, even if you’re hitting it off with someone else on a night out, think about whether you really want it or if you are just using this person to forget about your feelings for another temporarily.


8. Practice productivity

Practice productivity


Using your work to avoid your feelings is a really bad idea. You’re basically locking your feelings in some empty corner of your heart which will explode at one time, and take you down with it. Don’t ignore your feelings, but try to do things to take your mind off the problems. This is the perfect time to take up that new language course, learn a new skill, or just experiment and figure out what interests you.

Don’t drown yourself with too much work that you lose yourself in the mix, though. Keep up a healthy balance and try to revert to your usual lifestyle.


9. Remind yourself that you deserve better


This one sounds extremely patronizing, but it’s the truest one out there. By saying that you deserve better, we are not demeaning the person you had feelings for; we are, instead, trying to remind you that you deserve to be with someone who reciprocates your feelings and makes you feel loved.

We know that at this very moment, you feel like they were the only one for you. We cannot emphasize this when we say: There are more fish in the sea. At one point, you will find someone whose wavelength compliments yours perfectly, and then you will thank yourself for walking away from your past to this particular man.


10. Go out and meet new people

Go out and meet new people


When you’re going through a breakup, or just in the middle of trying to lose feelings for someone, interacting with strangers might be the last thing on your mind.

Although, as soon as you’re ready to explore the world (which you should because there are plenty of others who may be much more compatible with you), get out and meet more people. These people can help give you a new, fresh perspective of many things.

Who knows, you might just find the right one at the corner of the table at a club, strolling through the park with a book, or just admiring you for months waiting for you to give him a chance.


Simply deleting someone you once cared for from your life is one of the most difficult decisions one has to take. Hopefully, these how to stop liking someone tips will help you.

It’s always important to remember that the right people will stick around. We’re rooting for you!


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