7 Unmistakable Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings for You

7 Unmistakable Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings for You

Curious about whether a guy likes you but is doing everything to keep it a secret? Here are 7 obvious signs he is fighting his feelings for you that confirm that he does have feelings for you, and he’s waiting for you to reciprocate it!

Being in a relationship is a different experience for everyone. Some find it fun and fulfilling, while some consider it too much work and restricting. If someone likes you but isn’t open to the idea of being committed to anyone, it’s natural that he’ll have his guards up and constantly fight his feelings for you (even if it’s hurting him in the process).

Love can be complicated. If there’s a man in your life who you might think is secretly harvesting feelings for you, look out for these 7 unmistakable signs he is fighting his feelings for you. You’ll know it before he even acknowledges it.

7 Unmistakable Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings for You

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1. Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals

One moment he is showering you with appreciation and admiration, the next he is cold and inattentive. The second you think you’re starting to understand him, that’s when he will pull away. This push-and-pull game is often unintentional; first, he’s being dragged towards you, and on the other, he is trying everything to ignore you.

He is all over the place, even if he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. You catch him staring multiple times, but he strongly denies that it’s related to “something else”.

Be careful at this phase. This is a common red flag that he’s just stringing you along. If you think he’s had enough time to sort out his feelings but is still acting jittery, you may want to be wary of his intentions.

2. His Body Language Will Give It Away

He will try to play it cool, shake off that itch at the back of his head telling him to sit closer to you, talk, and develop a real connection. But if he’s genuinely interested in you, it’ll be evident in his body language. Nervous eye-contact, a little shaky, somewhat sweaty, and the occasional stuttering – he’s going to want to stop being so obvious, but it won’t work.

He might lean towards you, brush his hand up against yours, give you some really over-the-top compliments; it’s simply instinct to appreciate something you love!

3. Protective of You

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Making jokes about you is his favorite past-time, but they’re never rude or hurtful, although the jokes are only funny if he’s making them about you. Anyone else trying to take a dig at you, be sure that his protection mode will fire up immediately. He will fight everyone for you, because, to him, you’re the most important thing.

Observe the small things that matter: checking up whether you’ve reached home, leaving motivating texts when you’re struggling to get some work done, or acting as a doctor when you have the slightest fever because he can’t leave your side.

4. He is Jealous, or He’s Trying to Make You Jealous

Since he hasn’t opened up about his feelings to you, he’ll obviously get jumpy about other men trying to score with you. He’ll regret not confessing to you, but his hands are tied; he doesn’t want the relationship tag.

If you’re interacting with another man who he sees as competition, he will be low-key jealous. Did you notice him rolling his eyes as you laughed at his friend’s joke? He may be burning up on the inside.

Afterward, he may attempt to make you jealous by bringing up other women. By establishing that even other women are interested in him, he is checking if you also feel the sting like he did seeing you with other men.

5. Sharing a Strong Chemistry

Sharing a Strong Chemistry

When two people are attracted to each other, sparks will fly; sometimes, very visibly. If you click, chances are, the chemistry between the two of you will be palpable. Although he denies any sort of attraction towards you, you can feel it when you’re sided by side.

Even the simplest of acts can trigger a sense of belonging with someone. You bump into him as you were walking, but he turns to look at you and time stops. You know it, he knows it; there’s an undeniable bond between you two. 

It’s not just the undisputed sexual tension. You’ll develop a strong mental connection with him too. Is he finishing your sentences for you? Does he subconsciously mimic your moves because he was too engrossed in you? 

You two just fit so well into each other’s puzzles, and he can’t deny or stop it.

6. He Cares About What You Think About Him

Probably for the rest of the world, he could do with being a wallflower or just some random nobody, but not to you. He’ll throw in all his cards to be considered “special” in your books. He values your opinions, tries to impress you, includes you in his life, and always wants to know what’s up with you. 

The things he does to get closer to you can be somewhat personal and thoughtful –maybe cook you something, buy tickets to watch your favorite team play, or he’s studying up on things you like so he can communicate with you more. He’ll hate putting in all that effort because he’s making it very obvious, but won’t be able to help it.

7. Very Observant and Wants to Know More About You

Very Observant and Wants to Know More About You


Maybe it’s his habit of always checking up on you or just his unconscious urge to inch closer to you – one of the signs that he’s clearly into you is him remembering every other detail about, no matter how insignificant. He’s always up to know more about you, so he’s available for communication.

Sure, he might panic a little and get distant because he is unable to deal with how weak he is getting for you, but he won’t hesitate to jump in and be a part of any conversation that you want to have with him.


If you notice these signs he is fighting his feelings for you in a man, it’s wise to give him some space and time to clear his head so that he can process his feelings. Putting too much pressure on him to own up to them might backfire wildly, and he might exit from your life at the speed of light. Sensibility and patience are key!


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